Dragonforce [Inhuman Rampage] Download

Senin 25 Juni 2007

tumben banyak yang sedang merequest di blog teman2 saya yah sambil bantu-bantu teman tak ada salahnya saya masukan request-an dari blog teman saya neo yang meminta Dragonforce mudah-mudahan yang merequest bisa puas GBU 🙂

Dragonforce [Inhuman Rampage]

Audio CD (June 20, 2006)

1. Through The Fire And Flames

2. Revolution Deathsquad

3. Storming The Burning Fields

4. Operation Ground And Pound

5. Body Breakdown

6. Cry For Eternity

7. The Flame Of Youth

8. Trail Of Broken Hearts



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  1. Klo yg ini muncul

    Not Found

    The requested URL /My Music/metal/drfr/Dragonforce-Inhuman_Rampage_(rough_mix)-Promo-CD-2006/Dragonforce-Inhuman_Rampage_(rough_mix)-Promo-CD-2006/02-dragonforce-revolution_deathsquad.mp3 was not found on this server.

  2. kemungkinan sedang out of service mungkin!

  3. aku minta liriknya through the fire and flames plissssssss

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