Rabu 22 Agustus 2007


Berhubung tadi ada seseorang yang mer-request Muse akhirnya saya coba deh cari di google dan ini lah hasilnya. mudah-mudahan bisa di puaskan yah 😀


Original Release Date: July 11, 2006

1. Take A Bow

2. Starlight

3. Supermassive Black Hole

4. Map Of The Problematique

5. Soldier’s Poem

6. Invincible

7. Assassin

8. Exo-Politics

9. City Of Delusion

10. Hoodoo

11. Knights Of Cydonia



About sugoistanley

Me is just another ordinary boy in this world....Iam not a hacker but i believe someday I Will...

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  1. kirimin lagu muse donk ke website w or to e-mail w,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. kok saya g bisa akses starlightnya…???ada tulisan forbidden!!

  3. kirimin muse bliss n in your worlds dunk….pliss

  4. kirimin lagu muse do’nk apaan aja deh!

  5. kirimin lagu muse yg can’t take my ayes of u dunk…

  6. Hi..plz send me muse song “starligh” or the new song. Ty.

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